Whether you have your own editors or want to work with ours, you know that the editing process can often be the longest phase of your project. Optimize your experience by doing your post-production at High Desert Digital’s comfortable downtown studio. Call for a tour – we’re surprisingly sleek, cutting-edge, and affordable.

Creative Editors – Take advantage of our skilled creative professionals to give your project industry-level polish. Watch our reel HERE.

Edit Bay Rental – Using your own editors? No problem. Rent space in HDD’s cushy studio, and your editors will enjoy fully-supported, updated equipment and software. Plus, our studio is located in the heart of downtown Santa Fe, just steps from Santa Fe’s best restaurants and entertainment.

State-of-the-art equipment - Because your work deserves the best computers, monitors, and software available anywhere. Constantly updated, always cutting-edge.

Managed workflow – We’ll handle your footage with kid gloves, all the way from the camera to your deliverable of choice – DVD, Blu-Ray, Web, even film.

Cross-platform support - Final Cut 7, Final Cut X, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere. Edit your way.

Assistant Editing Services - Because organized media is happy media.

Easy long-distance editing – Shooting in NM, editing in LA? No problem. Have an assistant editor organize footage and send it via internet to the editors in LA, cut picture in NM and send it to London for color correction and then back again for tweaking, or have your videographers overseas send footage for you to review – our high-speed internet and data transfer services make long-distance post production a seamless breeze.

Full-service Post Production, in-house – Cut, color, and CGI, all in one place. Edit professionally color-corrected footage, drop in your special effects, create titles – you can do all of it in-house, at High Desert Digital. Ask about our CGI and VFX services.

Post-Production Concierge Services – We know there’s more to post production than cutting. If your out-of-town editors need to find housing, your UPM needs assistance handling the tax rebate for your post-production, or your actors need footage for reels, we’re happy to take care of it for you.

Scalable RatesThink your project is too small for professional post production? Think again. Polished post production can be the difference between obviously low-budget and nobody-can-tell-it’s-low-budget. At HDD, we can design affordable workflows for any budget to help you get the most out of your post production dollars. And whatever your budget, 100% of the dollars you spend at HDD are fully rebatable.

PLUS: Acting & audition reels, trailers, and teasers.