Local ads from High Desert Digital

New from HDD, a 4-commercial series for the US New Mexico Federal Credit Union in Albuquerque, NM.

Local commercials have a reputation for being hokey – the loud, obnoxious used-car lot commercials featured in movies spring to mind. And there’s a perception that only big-name corporate brands can afford the kind of slick videography you see on national ad campaigns.

That’s ridiculous.

Look. You may not have Justin Bieber as your spokesman, but whoever you do have pitching your product can be made to look like a million-dollar celebrity if you shoot them properly. And if you’re a local business competing with a national chain, there’s no reason your commercial can’t hold its own next to theirs. In fact, it has to. You want to let people know that while you may be smaller, you understand that size is no indication of quality. That’s what a beautiful commercial says – we know what you’re looking for – and we can give it to you with local service and accountability. Local should not mean less polished. Nor does it have to.

In fact, you can have top-of-the-line production quality for your promo. Just because you’re making a local commercial doesn’t mean you have to have what you might have previously thought of as “local” production value (i.e zooming graphics, star wipes, and pixellated lettering.) Production value is a matter of equipment and expertise. We use the same cameras the national commercials use, we have the same skills, and our personnel are as professional and highly trained. And we do it at a surprisingly affordable rate.


Because we’re local too, of course.

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